Summer Event 2019 Progress


Not sure if correct place to post, or in bugs (I created a support ticket):

So far in 13 days of event (quest 47) I and a few of my friends, have not found ANY doubloons in incidents.
Others have found from a handful to 10+ in incidents.

To clarify, I get my (dozen?) incidents every day, usually coins or supplies, but also medals, goods etc... as usually when no events are occurring. Just no doubloon..

Any info on that, or did I miss where that info could be?

Ps: According to my calculations, there is 16 doubloons to get (8 daily+8 quests) and I have 24 ship moves left to Crow L8 (currently have L6), so I am ahead of the ‘ball’ (assuming 1.8 moves per doubloon). Is this why I don’t see free doubloons in incidents?

Sir Brandon Starr

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Top player in my hood just spent close to 20 doubloons on a wheel with the ship upgrade already taken and no gold prize. Only other prize of any relevance was SoK fragments. I guess he's going for an extra Crow's nest...but why spend that much doubloons on a wheel with no major prize? That one is a head scratcher...


On beta, had amazingly great luck: Pirate ship starting from scratch, plus fully leveled CN.
On 3 main worlds, big time return to the mean ☹
I should easily obtain a fully leveled CN on all 3, but only on 1 of then am I even close to a level 7 Ship (so far the lvl 1 + 4 ship upgrades. On other 2 worlds only have 2 upgrades). That's with 8 quests left to go.

Stephen Longshanks

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Well, it worked for me, surprisingly better on PC.
No, it didn't. Your perception may be that hitting the stop button at the right time works, but it is a false perception. The proof is that if you win coins or supplies it will update your total before you hit "Stop". Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is common knowledge among experienced players.


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Monday on Quest 7 in my main city. Today waiting on Quest 49. Amazing what you can do with 40 Blacksmiths and Spoilers.

Looks like lvl 8 Crows Nest in 3 cities and added 2 Royal Ships and a lpt of Anitques Dealer fodder.

Yarrr! 'Tis a fine Event ye scurvy INNO dogs!

Sir Brandon Starr

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This event for me in a nutshell:

"Oh cool! I finally see the gold prize I'm trying to get...awww shucks, it's grayed out and someone won it already..."

My neighbors have been having some crazy luck. I've lost track how many times the wheel was refreshed and the best prize was won first try.

EDIT: Reading earlier comments, it's nice to know the ship upgrade can be obtained in the auction as there's no data for it yet in the FOE wiki.
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I was able to get a level 8 Crows Nest in both cities as well as enough upgrades to add a new Ship in each city as well. Plus a few extra upgrades which should fetch a decent amount at the Antiques Dealer.

Sir Brandon Starr

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Got my last 2 ship upgrades with only 3 tries. I'm thinking saving my doubloons for sunken treasures now as those fetch a good amount in the antiques dealer. I might try to get a guard post selection kit too.

The funny thing is once I saw on here you can get ship upgrades in the auction, I had 2 in my city back to back lol