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Recent content by DevaCat

  1. DevaCat

    New Idea Sortable Columns

    I'm neutral on this for now. But I have to say that the illustration of the player's GB list is for me quite unconvincing as a demonstration of the usefulness of this request. What data exists there that one cannot pull out at a glance? What is there to be analyzed? Or is it a case of not...
  2. DevaCat

    Nobody at all. Shhh....

    Nobody at all. Shhh....
  3. DevaCat

    New Idea Search for Specific People in The Market

    I'm still not getting this. The problem is trade spam, unbalanced or not, and this idea does not address that. Not to mention that the devs are unlikely to monkey around with the Market to add this search function. Now if we could get it so every market trade offer identified the person...
  4. DevaCat

    Feedback Forge Friday Sale 2020

    So, how do I start a server? :cool:
  5. DevaCat

    Continental Map Question

    In LMA you only have the Colonial Age provinces left to capture in the Old World continent, if you haven't taken them already. See that ship off to the right? Once you get on that it will take you to the next map (Indy) where you'll find new provinces, deposits, expansions and a transport to...
  6. DevaCat


    Why in the world they decided to auto-scroll you back to the bottom of the thread after you take any action is unfathomable. Makes taking multiple trades a royal pita. Ditto pulling you back down to the bottom each time someone posts while you're trying to read something you just scrolled up...
  7. DevaCat

    New Idea Search for Specific People in The Market

    I'm not seeing the point of this either. If you want to do someone a favor by taking their trades, set up a message thread and take them. If they don't know how to post a trade, teach them. For the specialized deal maker's trades, what? Are you wanting to browse? Friend him and ask for what...
  8. DevaCat

    old post

    Hey @Zerwan, the reason I asked the questions I did is because if someone is recruiting, the more information you give potential new members the better. Your original wording only told me that you really didn't like plundering, and that's just not enough to base a guild on or to join one imho...
  9. DevaCat

    Lucky Day in GBG Today!

    The one to go for is all correct in one turn, all 5 goods the same! ;)
  10. DevaCat

    old post

    Two questions. What is the name of this guild? How long have you been playing FoE?
  11. DevaCat

    Cultural Settlements Progress

    Lol, why of course, I'm honored :D (Folks, Ygg is totally worth it, but while you're at it its :eek::eek:)
  12. DevaCat

    Cultural Settlements Progress

    Vikings pro tip: Burn the boat before you reach the settlement, you'll be glad you did! :p
  13. DevaCat

    Is City Defense at all possible?

    I don't really know what the heck "respectful" plundering means. I do know it's part of the game, that there are effective ways to deal with it, and that there is a subset of players who are extremely aggravated by it - so much so that they create a forum account and make this the first topic...
  14. DevaCat

    PvP fun or harassment

    Aw, now you know those people don't just complain. First they play for a couple of weeks (or days if ambitious) and then create a forum account, where their first post is in the Ideas section! :D @Starman52, that comment isn't aimed at you btw. I've just gotten a little jaded(?), less...
  15. DevaCat

    Stuck on a quest

    "Infiltrate" is the action you have to spend coins to do, the action which results in damage to the sector's army units. Not the same as taking a sector by negotiating.