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Recent content by sknahsgnoL nehpetS

  1. Terrace farm upgrade

    I'm guessing that you have never played a lot of dice or card games. Streaks happen. Sometimes long streaks. Nothing nefarious about it.
  2. Is City Defense at all possible?

    This is the smartest statement you've made, and it pretty much makes the rest of your statements moot.
  3. Is City Defense at all possible?

    Then don't. Many players don't bother with defense. Avoiding use of buildings that can be plundered is the best solution. Easier and more reliable than "collect on time". New cities can't be plundered until near the end of Iron Age, and you can go through a few events before that point to get...
  4. Great Buildings

    Actually, the opposite is true. Everyone doing for themselves soon falls apart. As evidenced by the world around us.
  5. wishing well?

    Honestly, by that standard the whole game is boring. Collect and reset is at least half of the game. The battle system is even more mind-numbingly boring, especially once you've been in an age for a bit. Negotiating is worse than both of those. And let's not talk about aiding. The events? Ho-hum...
  6. Great Buildings

    Yeah, let me know if you ever find one guild or one neighborhood or one friends list on any world where everyone helps with every GB. I will not hold my breath, however. I've never seen a guild where you could even expect every member to place their one or two FP on new GBs, let alone contribute...
  7. They prefer to be called domestic bovines. Cows has such a negative connotation. :p

    They prefer to be called domestic bovines. Cows has such a negative connotation. :p
  8. Negotiating Nonsense

    Well, of course it secures an early completion. The question is whether that early completion is worth the goods you spend to get it. My answer is no. Your answer may be different.
  9. Joke of the Day

    Here, let me help you. Why did the elephants get kicked out of the pool? Because they were wearing their trunks on their faces! :D
  10. wishing well?

    I have a friend who has many of those, several others that you didn't mention...and 98 Wishing Wells. Too many people treat some choices as either/or when you can actually have both.
  11. Friends

    The limit on friend invites (and friends overall) is separate for each world. You should be able to invite friends on the new world until your list there reaches 80. If the game isn't allowing you to send out invites in this new world/city, contact support in-game about it.
  12. Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    LOL. Okay. Then explain the references to 6x10 and 7x10, which I have demonstrated are not relevant to a discussion of 3 Bakeries. (And I'm betting it will take quite a few Diamonds to even get 3 fully upgraded Bakeries, which you need to even start thinking about extra bonuses. Unless, of...
  13. Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    Please quit arguing when you don't know what you're talking about. There are FOUR Winter Bakeries. All four can be put into a rectangular shape which will give the full bonuses to all four. Four 3x5 Bakeries would form a 6x10 rectangle. If you only use 3, then it's not 6x10 or 7x10 because it's...
  14. Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    The comment I was replying to specifically said that the Bakeries needed to be offset somehow to get max bonuses, which is false. The need for a road is beside the point.