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Changelog 1.124 Feedback


If you wish to leave any feedback about this version, please leave your comments here or visit us on Facebook! :)

Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

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great stuff, now please do something about a few guilds dominating gvg..perhaps limit the eras you can participate in..say 3 or 4...that will give newer guilds and others a chance to do more-thanks


I have over 155 + FP 10 packs due to treasure hunt which is why I still play it.
I normally keep around 2500, with a level 8 Arc, but recently I've started leveling it, so it's going down. But I don't use Treasure Hunt at all.

Great buildings don't offer much with out mega investing beyond its fp value and its rare to place (at least for smaller players) at all in GBs except for a couple of metals.
I place regularly. Since there are FP bar FPs (or in some cases coin-for-fp FPs), I will go through my hood and friend's list and find good options. My goal is to *convert* free FPs and coin FPS to FP packs, and so I don't care if I go over the big 1.9 arc amount. So I "lose" a few. I consider it sort of a fee for converting bar FPs and coin FPs to FP packs.

Things are a bit different since I started Arc leveling a month or two ago, but prior to that, I always had 2000 - 2500 FPs, just from leveraging my daily collection and coin. If it took an extra 20 FPs in FP packs to do it, including a bunch of collection FPs and a few coin FPs, but I was getting 100 back...that works for me.

I don't pay D/C since it forces me to move on in ages when I'm far from ready to.
I have no idea what you mean by this. Only some quests require sectors, and up until now you could skip those, and then pick up the next one. Yeah, you'd go down one but it wasn't like you'd lose them all. And with the NEW thing they are adding, you can completely skip the ones you don't want to do, and it won't harm you.

I think, not sure, DC also puts any fps you get into the bar, not inventory, correct me if I'm wrong.
Everything except GBs have put the FPs on your meter instead of into packs in inventory, for quite a while now. I think the only thing that *doesn't* do that are certain regular and recurring quests, and leveling on a GB.

I desperately need fp packs.
Where else besides GBs can we get these?
See above. You just need to convert your daily/meter FPs and coin-bought FPs to FP packs, by finding likely GBs and dumping on them. If a GB gives 100 FPs, and I can get it for 150 FPs, I'm happy to dump to it - meter, then coin, then a few packs to top it off, usually over a couple of days - to convert my FPs to FP packs.


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Any time I see people start talking about the Arc and GBs, I'm reminded of how sorely the thing needs a nerf. Hopefully eventually Inno will see enough talk about it to agree and make it happen.

As an aside, I don't see any mention in this changelog about (re-)fixing the shading problems regarding enemy unit attack ranges in battle, as 1.123 didn't actually resolve the issue. @Panacea are the developers aware that this is still an issue and investigating getting it properly fixed?

crazy dog lady

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I think getting rid of Treasure Hunt is a mistake. I play Treasure Hunt every day, whereas I often skip the Daily Challenge. The DC prizes quite often are either something i'm not interested in or once I open the chest I find I can't complete the challenge in the time allotted.


There are a number of interesting things in this update but one is really worrying me.

The "Boosted Production" window

While it can be a bit annoying not to see what the production will be with the boosts, once the production is started the "mouse over" will give the info and I can cancel if I want.

But with the new system, it looks like there will be NO WAY TO KNOW what the base production is and might be if the boosts ends before collection time. That is far worse because I have to make a decision based on information that might not be relevant : the boost in effect a the time of choosing the production doesn't have any impact, the important thing is the boost in effect at the time of collection (and that can't be known in advance, there are many sources of boost that can be added at different times)

My problem isn't so much with the fact the window will display production with boost (even if it's not of much use), it's with the fact the information about the base production is removed and won't be available when making the decision!

Please, please, please don't remove the base production info!

Also, I do wish the update had included a fix for the problem with the range tiles for an enemy unit not showing on the combat map. It's a "new" problem and should have been fixed in the update following the one where it was introduced :-(
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Zoom Level: The ability snap a screenshot of my entire city and sharing with friends, while not critical, does help draw people into FoE. I honestly wish there was a built-in feature to click a button to take a snapshot of the entire city without having to zoom out and adjust the position.

Don't Show Again: Very welcome change. Glad to see this option brought over from Elvenar.

Treasure Hunt: Since the time I've been playing I've only fully completed a couple of rounds of TH. It is something that I won't miss.

More Relaxed Daily Challenges: I welcome this change wholeheartedly! It rather sucked for me because recently I was up to 5 DC completions and it threw up a challenge which I couldn't complete. Going from 5 down to 1 was disappointing especially considering the resources I'd committed to getting that far.

Dismiss Rewards Windows: Always bothered me that the mobile version had this feature yet the desktop browser version didn't. Thanks!

Bug Fixes: While every bug fix is good, the one that stands out for me is:
  • When selecting to sell a building, it was still possible to click the button to instantly finish its construction with Diamonds. We will prevent this now.
There have been many instances where I've placed a building then went to place another building next to the previous placed building only to be prevented from doing so because of the Complete with Diamonds pop-up. Thankfully I have the spend diamonds notification activated which prevented from spending diamonds when I didn't want to. Thanks for implementing this feature.


Probably when u get up next day, and when u r about to finish and click 8hr Treasure Hunt, INNO will update it.
So u might miss by a second or two . . i guess


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@Lizzie111 A question for you: Why does it matter what value is displayed in the production window? How is it relevant? Longer productions produce larger amounts at once, but are less efficient per time, and that's about all that matters. I'm not really understanding why you're upset about production windows taking boosts into account. All you really said was that it's 'bad' but didn't really explain why. What's the negative impact here?


What's the negative impact here?
For the record, I don't mind this change, but say you're trying to complete a daily challenge that requires a particular number of supplies, and that you're running low on LoA boosts AND that it also required a certain number of production cycles, and you already have blacksmith's running for those production cycles. It could be a little complex to make sure you got all of the supplies you need within the DC timeframe if you don't actually know the minimum amount of supplies that a production cycle will give you.

A similar thing could happen with quests, and if it was an event quest at the end of the event, that could be awkward.

Those are the only negatives I can think of off hand, but as I said, I don't mind it.

(I wonder, though - if you have a tavern or bottle boost that will last for 90 minutes more, and you are setting a production, choosing between one hour and four hours. Will it show the real amount for both, the one hour boosted and the four hour not? Or both boosted, even though the 4 hour one is not going to get the boost?)


4CC9D55E-CA6D-436F-9900-D5E6C20C3264.jpeg I’m very excited about the changes to DCs! It’s been a bummer to lose all that progress because of map sector quests.

I would like to request a design change-back on mobile, to the inventory window text. The recent change to a lighter background color is fine, but please make the text solid black instead of an outlined font. It’s very hard to read,especially the numbers


That is interesting. I had been told this by one of my guild leaders so I cleared all open sectors. All I have left is provinces to scout. 3 days later up pops a DC with "Acquire 1 sector." I sent a ticket in, as per my leaders suggestion and got the following response...

Not sure what's going on with this. :confused::rolleyes:
At least with the new system I wont be penalized. :)

We'll be answering you back for this one as I think there has been a misunderstanding and we certainly don't want that. We'll be going back to look at your particular sectors and will re-answer your ticket so that we don't give away particulars of your game here. Thank you for your patience.


Only issue I have with the Treasure hunt is the 5/15min chests are useless. They should just go 1h/4h/4h/8h instead. But I wont miss it though its annoying to have to come back and miss your chest then have to restart the 5min 15min 1hour....

For recurring quests I feel we should be given a list of avatar quest givers to choose from so we can choose the recurring quest we want without having to abort a bunch.


We'll be answering you back for this one as I think there has been a misunderstanding and we certainly don't want that. We'll be going back to look at your particular sectors and will re-answer your ticket so that we don't give away particulars of your game here. Thank you for your patience.
I know you're answering her privately, but I would really like verification on whether having all scouted provinces completely taken - so no sectors available without scouting - will prevent you from getting "Acquire X provinces" as a task. Can you clarify/verify?


I know you're answering her privately, but I would really like verification on whether having all scouted provinces completely taken - so no sectors available without scouting - will prevent you from getting "Acquire X provinces" as a task. Can you clarify/verify?
It is a fact. When they were released, Inno said they would not require you to scout. So if you don't have any open sectors, it will not give you those quests (doing so would require scouting).
@TrinkOne had a sector on an early map that wasn't taken, which is why they were getting those quests.


OK, Let me clear this up before it goes any further. Below is part of the answer I was given. I don't know if sharing this imformation is against the rules, so I will share what I think is relevant. The context of the message does appear to support the position @JCera :) mentions above.

"Hello TrinkOne,

We apologize that you were given information that was not correct. It appears you had tons of provinces and quite a few sectors you don't control. Daily Challenge tasks are not completely random. Any that are "impossible" should be excluded by the system. "

So with me, it wasn't that the information didn't apply, it was that the information was faulty to begin with.
Draw your own conclusions. :)
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I was thinking why dont' INNO let us choose our own custom avatars for some diamonds.
say 5 diamonds!! (just a thought ;) )

I guess this is least diamond amount that can be spend in FoE.
and this custom avatar change with diamonds can be done only in 4 days or once in a week
(that wud keep everyone from changin their's more often)
other avatars can be changed whenver (just as in the present game)


Yeah, it'd be really cool for INNO to go through tens of thousands of custom Avatars weeding out offensive Avatars.

And how cool will it be to read the forum threads from people who had their Avatars rejected?
i think that's why they keep "report" and "ignore". but i get u clearly now.
maybe if uploaded new custom offensive avatar for 5 diamonds.
they go faceless for a whole week as punishment and
no refund of spend 5 diamonds +
fine of 5 diamonds for posting offensive avatar. .
HOW wud that be . . .LOL? (just kidding)