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Gamers Gone Mobile LF Guild Members!


Gamers Gone Mobile is a new guild looking to add new players who are on the Vingrid server. We perfer players who are new to the game in general and will learn and grow together under a leader who has prior experience from another server. We are a fair trade guild and will be looking to get into all aspects of the game such as GvG, GE, and creating programs to help the guild and players grow as fast as possible.

We have a few requirements:
1) Everyone in the guild should be on EVERY Sticks (Even if it's already in Bricks) and OBS of the Day...1 FP (at least) for each day it's running. IF you wish to donate more that is your decision.

Sticks are new Great Buildings that are up, each player will have the option of posting a S2B thread in order to have guildmates help them get their great buildings up and running. OBS is a great building that helps the guild produce good for the treasury and just overall helps the guild in every aspect.

2) AID all guildmates at least 3 times a week.

We understand that you can't always do this, so if you have a busy week and can't make it into the game enough to meet the requirements, please send Spryng a quick message to let me know. The people who are not contributing will be replaced. We want a full guild who support each other in every way possible.

Thank you so much for all those who help daily!

3)We are a FAIR TRADE guild.

This is a calculator that is used throughout FoE: http://www.wildgunner.co.uk/FoE/TradeCalc.php
This calculator will help you understand what "Fair Trade" means and how to post trades in order to swap goods with guild members.

4) You should also remove all stone age items as it is more beneficial to both you and the guild. When aiding you have the possibility of receiving a blueprint (BP) of a Great Building (GB) of the same age building you aid. There are no stone age GBs.

If you have read everything and still have questions, feel free to message Spryng in game.