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For the sake of argument, let's say that the player who cannot afford to purchase a PC capable of running the game efficiently also cannot purchase diamonds. Why would Inno increase their development costs to cater to a demographic that they'll never recoup the investment from? Inno does not lack for customers to the extent they need to or even want to bring in this demographic.
The flip side is the ones buying diamonds might not have a [decent] game to play if the free players can't access the game given the diamond players would be spread across all worlds. The game is still functional if only one player exists, but it wouldn't be any fun due to how many aspects need other players to utilise properly and the prolonged time it'd take to grow goods/fps/etc.

So it's a balancing act between how far you can push the graphics, and how restricted it needs to be to remain viable for a larger playerbase.

I'm not expecting it to remain low based on todays standards forever, but it's unrealistic to expect everyone to have high end computers too. The question is what's the lowest end they're willing to have the market aimed towards?


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No one said anything about high end computers and no one is suggesting that FoE requires it. Given the low end specs required to run FoE now, if a PC is so old and slow it can't run FoE as it stands today, why would Inno want to cater to them? Maybe Inno should redo FoE to run on rotary dial phones?