Nerfed Hover Tanks


Ok, so you nerfed the hover tanks to make the game more balanced. If you really want to make the game more balanced how about not making the special event group buildings not be so special by letting wallet warrior bullies buy up 20 of them so they can run roughshod over their neighborhoods. You guys are really turning this great game into a joke because of the almighty dollar.


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Best thing you could do is make a proposal if you want event buildings to be nerfed:
This is sloppyjoeslayer's list

Steps of a Proposal

  1. Go to the Proposals section
  2. Check the Do Not Suggest List
  3. If your proposal is not on the DNSL check the Frequently Proposed Ideas and do a forum Search to see if it’s already been suggested
  4. If you can’t find a similar proposal then Properly Format your proposal
  5. Submit Proposal
  6. Wait at least two weeks
  7. If multiple people support your Proposal you can at this point Submit it for Nomination
  8. At this point “moderators will review it and decide if a poll will be created or if it needs further discussion first”
  9. If successful your Proposal will be Submitted for Vote
  10. If successful it should be Submitted to Inno
  11. For various reasons a Proposal may end up in the Closed/Archived section, if that happens they state “...try re working the text and create a new proposal thread for it.”
  12. If a Proposal goes through to Inno I’m not exactly sure what happens at that point
  13. Never add a Poll to your own Proposal
Highly doubt it's going to work, as rewarding the whales is good business. You should have put this in the Forge Hall, as this has nothing in particular to do with Arvahall.

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Thank you for citing the original creator but if you could fix that last entry to what the original said I would appreciate it as it was altered by Agent to troll me, thanks.

14. If you get snarky/troll responses try to ignore it
My bad, I just copy/pasted without looking carefully.


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My bad, I just copy/pasted without looking carefully.
Thanks, #14 was there as I wrote it above but he altered it to "soppy" responses to troll me as in don't respond to me, the guy has too much time on his hands.

Regarding the nerf, HT's are still good to use, so they may get nerfed again, but I can understand why they did it. I don't think it was in the name of balance in terms of player dynamics so much as it was the fact that this one unit in FE was pretty much kicking nearly every units but to what is now three ages ahead of it. Of course I could not figure out how, if at all, they came to that conclusion if it was through their own testing or merely on what a few players were saying about it. Also without any attack/defense bonus how does it stand up against higher age units I wonder. Also with enough attack/defense bonus I'm sure you can win with just about anything, as the saying goes...