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My new bride and I were traveling down the Interstate near San Francisco one Friday night the night before That October holiday that all kids adore , in that year it was on a Thursday night. We did not have any Children yet but were expecting our first child at any minute. We ha just left the hospital and been told to go home the baby wasn't coming yet, As we were driving down the Interstate fog began to gather as it tends to do in the Bay area at certain times of the year. We began to see strange lights in the sky over the freeway a bright light blinking from red to blue to bright white as it passed over the freeway it seemed to hover in place and wait for us to get closer to it. As we watched the light suddenly shot straight up in to the air vanishing, out of sight in seconds. We talked about the strange light for a few miles as we continued down the Highway. After we passed The Hayward Bridge getting closer to our destination of Fremont we noticed a single light very brightly fill in the space in our rear view reflecting in my mirrors and shining brightly through the rear window of our truck. the light continued to get closer and closer with the brightness increasing to almost daylight brightness. As we exited the interstate at Fremont blvd we saw the object from our mirror pass us, as we looked to our left curious about why the vehicle following us for several miles when it had been traveling so fast to catch us in the first place. We looked at each other and exclaimed did you see that the vehicle appeared to be traveling on air without and wheels and making no noise at all, but the strangest thing was the driver as he appeared to be a biped without any kind of visible head. What was that we both exclaimed ? Being visibly shaken we continued to our house now a couple miles away across city streets to the foothills where we had our little cottage. We got home and entered the house still a little shaken from our adventurous drive home from the Hospital. We lived on a street with few neighbors and almost no traffic at night so we were quite stunned when right after we entered the house our front room window flooded with light much brighter than what was typically coming in in the middle of the day. So my wife and I crept over to the side of the picture window to gaze out and see what was going on. There suddenly appeared a shadow that filled the whole room coming through the window, when we peaked around the edge of the window we once again glimpsed he vehicle we had seen on the Freeway shrouded in the fog that seemed to come from the rear of the what I can only describe as a Motorcycle without wheels. I thought my wife was going to go into labor with the ear piercing screen she let out. Well I gotta tell you my knees buckle a little bit as well. I quickly half pushed half carried her into the bedroom, where I kept my Shotgun. Grabbing up my 12 guage I started back towards the front door ready to face me fears and the horrors that waited outside. Slowly opening the door which of course chose that night to start squeaking as I opened it. The first thing I saw was a calico cat sitting on a child's scooter, not to scary, right then I hear a rustling in the bushes over on the east side of the house traveling to the west out of my line of sight. I ran to the corner just in time to watch a buck run up the hill and over the fence into the rising full moon.

True story or vivid Imagination?


"If you venture far into the heart of the Ozarks, you will stumble upon a small cottage. Old, rundown, covered in dead ivy, filled with cobwebs, this cottage is far from dead, but also far from alive. An old crone once lived there with her husband, but when she learned he had a mistress, she murdered him, cut his body into 6 pieces, and buried him within the walls of the cellar. After that, she--"

"Hold on, hold on!" Mateo interrupted, jumping out in front of me. "That's not what happened!"

Melissa smirked and crossed her arms. "Oh, yeah? So what did happen, Mr. I-Know-Everything?"

The three of us were walking down a path from our campsite to a river that flows right through the Ozarks. It was a beautiful, autumn day, the leaves at the peak of changing colors. My grandmother used to live around there. She’d tell stories about the haunting solitude of the forests. This one was my favorite.

"She didn't kill her husband; she killed the mistress," Mateo retorted smugly.

"Well, Mateo," I barked, "if you think you know my grandmother’s story better than I do, please, go ahead."

He turned back around and began, “So, the old lady thought of a plan to get back at her husband. While her husband was away, she would invite the oblivious mistress to the cottage, chop her up, and cook her in the stew for the husband that night.”

He paused, as we had reached the river. As I started forward, he threw his arm out to stop me.

“What are you--?” I began.

“Shh!” he whispered, looking terrified. He pointed up the hill, on the other side of the river.

We looked to where he was pointing, and all warmth left my body.

A small cottage.

Old, rundown, dead ivy, cobwebs.

An old woman standing at the door.

A bloody butcher’s knife in her gnarled hand.

And then--gone.

In the blink of an eye, no evidence she was there to begin with.

In short: 10 minutes to get to the river; 1 to get back to camp.


Hope you all enjoyed! You can find me in Greifental ;)


You normally sleep soundly, but the thunderstorm raging outside is stirring you from your sleep. Trying to ignore the sounds coming from outside, you begin to doze, but another loud crash jolts you awake. The cycle lasts most of the night, the thunder waking you before you can get back to sleep. So you lay there, eyes open and outward, looking at your room stretching out before in the darkness. Your eyes move from nameless object, to nameless object, until you reach your mirror, sitting adjacent to you across the room.

Suddenly a flash of lightning, and the mirror flickers in illumination. For a brief, scant second, the mirror reveals to you dozens of faces, silhouettes within its frame, mouths open and eyes blackened. They stare out at you, their black pupils fixed upon your face.

Then it is done. Are you even sure of what you have seen? Unsettled, you don’t sleep for the rest of the night. The next morning you remove the mirror from your wall and toss it into the trash. It didn’t matter if the vision you had seen was real or not, you wanted to be rid of that mirror. In fact, you scrap every mirror in your house.

Weeks pass and that event of that night falls into passive memory. You are spending the day at a friend’s house and it’s time to use the bathroom. While you are in there the faucet starts to run without you touching it. Taken aback by this, you do not act yet, trying to reason with your paranoia. The water starts to steam up the bathroom and a skin of moisture slowly covers the mirror up above. You watch in horror as words form: “Please… return the mirrors. We miss watching you sleep at night…”

Fel Dranghyr


I sat down....and then discovered there was no toilet paper.



Getting out of her car she could not help but glance over her shoulder, the feeling of being watched so intense that night it sent chills along up her spine. Her gaze trying to pierce through the darkened shadows as her heart thudded against her chest more rapidly with each passing moment, finally turning and walking quickly to the door trying to get the key to work as her hands shook all the while the fear of something possibly sneaking up behind her making her heart race. Once the door is open she nearly falls through in the rush to be inside and safe slamming the door behind her. Trembling as she walks through the house putting everything in order and slipping into her pajamas she pauses as she passes the window, the feeling of being watched so intense she can barely stand to turn to look through the window. Her eyes widening in fright as she sees a shadowy form with glowing eyes looking back. Turning, running through the hallway and rushing into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her and leaning up against the door noticing the window rushing to close the shutters, locking them just in time.

A startled scream escaping her lips as the glass is shattered, the shutters nearly break apart, racing to escape the room, failing at first to turn the doorknob in the encompassing fear racing through her body she cries out in terror as another crash at the window makes her look back as an emaciated clawed hand reaches through. Stumbling from the room slamming the door close, racing for the front door and the car grabbing the keys on the way just in time to see the play of shadows along the windows. Turning and running to the basement instead, hoping the steel door on the pantry will hold in order to keep her safe. Racing down the stairs and through the door shutting it just in time to hear the crash of something big against the door hoping it holds as it buckles from another hit….hopefully, it will hold.


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My internet goes down. I can't play FOE.

Hey, folks. Some of the scariest stories can't be made up. They really happen.



A six-year-old girl had a birthday coming up and her mother couldn't find a good present for her. She looked in all the big box stores and found a lot of gifts, but none of them seemed that special. Her mother gave up and decided to go home. As she was driving, she saw a sign for a garage sale. She thought about it, and drove to it. She was browsing around and saw this really old doll. It looked hand-made, and was just perfect, except that it had a number three on it's forehead. She decided that her daughter would see past the flaw and appreciate the gift. She brought it to the old woman who was running the garage sale. She said that it was a gift for her daughter, and if the doll had a name. The old woman jumped up from her chair, grabbed her shoulders, and looked straight into the mother's eyes, and said quietly but firmly, "The doll doesn't have a name, but make sure that your girl plays with her every day. Every day, do you hear me?" The mother said she did, and twisted away from her.

On her daughter's birthday, she got a lot of presents. Quite a few of them were dolls, but she loved the one her mother got her the most. After the party, her mother explained to her what the old woman had told her. The mother said, "Make sure you do play with it every day, honey. That lady seemed forceful."

And her daughter did. For year and years, she did play with the doll every day. Not because her mother told her to. Because she liked the doll and wanted to. Even when she was eleven and twelve, she still played with it, every single day. But when she was almost thirteen, she decided that she was too old for dolls. She put it on her dresser and left it there. A week later, she came home from school, and the doll was on her bed, instead. She went to her mother and asked why she had moved it. The mother said that she hadn't moved it. The girl then went to her father, and asked him why he moved it. He said that he hadn't moved it either. The girl decided that her parents were messing with her for not playing with it, and put it back on her dresser. The next day, she came home and found her doll on her nightstand. She asked her parents about it again, but they both denied touching it. She moved it back to the dresser. The next day, the same thing happened. She didn't bother asking her parents and just put it back. For weeks, she would come home from school and find it in a different spot. Each time, she just set it on her dresser again. She finally asked her mother about it, who said that both her and her father didn't even go into her room and that neither one of them moved it. She said that maybe the old lady might know something about it, and went back to that house to ask her.

She knocked on the door, but got no answer. She went the next day, and also got no answer. The third day, upon getting no answer again, she knocked on the the house next to it. The neighbor said that the old lady had passed away the day after the garage sale. The mother went back home and told her daughter to play with it even though she didn't want to. The daughter did, and the doll stopped moving. A week later, she again had stopped playing with the doll because she thought it was childish and she didn't care if the doll moved.

The night before her thirteenth birthday, at exactly midnight, her parents heard her screaming. They ran to their daughter's room and found her laying dead in a sea of blood, with the doll laying next to her with a number four on its forehead.



This is the tale of three brothers, each suffering from a genetic condition which has left them bed bound and living under palliative care in the same room for the past 15 years. With no means to leave the house, one of their only connections to the outside world was when the elderly nurse would enter and place their medicines by their bedsides each morning.

The only other point of contact was a single window which had been installed at the request of the older brother, who was the only one with money remaining to pay for their care. As a point of pride, he had insisted it be installed above the other two brothers’ beds so that only he could see the world outside from his custom made elevating bed. The other two were thus dependent on the oldest brother’s daily descriptions of the passersby and interesting sights to be seen. The younger brothers longed and pleaded to have their beds moved, but the oldest refused saying they could have his bed only after he had passed on.

This went on for some time before the middle sibling decided he could not wait any longer. While the others napped, he grabbed the vial of medicine for the younger brother and hurled it across the room successfully hitting and knocking off the oldest brother’s vial as well. As the brothers awoke, they were unable to take their medicine and sadly perished in the night.

When the nurse arrived in the morning, she was shocked to see what had occurred but was fooled into believing it was just an accident before agreeing to reposition the scheming survivor. Lying in his new bed, his mind was racing with excitement as he pressed the button to elevate his point of view. Finally he would see this new world for himself! At last he will know what it is like to live! But the lone surviving brother was heartbroken to find that all he could see through this window of opportunity was a plain brick wall…



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I am 74 years old in real life. I keep making my town cemetery bigger on every opportunity. Imagine my horror recently when I saw my own name (Ancient Arthil) on a tombstone! If you live for the game, you may die for the game.


Once again I was walking late at night on the grayish concrete sidewalk as my footsteps echoed through the deserted sleepy street. Then I saw a bright yellow light slowly descending above my head. It was small as a star but bright as the sun. I froze, trying to process this bizarre apparition. Then it started to grow bigger at an alarming speed, and coming right at me as if it had spotted and targeted me. Instinctively, I ran thinking that I should get away from under this light before what was behind it actually landed. Yet no matter how fast or how hard I was trying to outrun it, it was right above my head, and expanding. From bright yellow it had turned to partly reddish and orange. Short of breath, I stopped under a large tree in desperation, yet the intense almost painful rays pierced through the foliage and it appeared to descend even faster. Panic struck. I ran zigzagging on the empty road. A bright flash, an arm-length away to my left, blinded me then a thunderous sound deafened me as I was thrown high above ground. I stopped breathing as the air seemed gone. Yet I didn't feel much pain until I landed and heard snapping sounds of my bones cracking. I woke up and the light was now so close that it was covering the entire sky above me. In excruciating pain, I was fighting to stay conscious. Through the blur, a humanoid figure slowly approached as if hovering. I tried to speak but only groaned. The mysterious figure raised a hand holding a strange triangular object. I tried to move as if I could still escape then felt like I was being tasered while lightning shot out of the triangular object. A moment later, I was standing on the grayish concrete sidewalk in the same the deserted sleepy street. The sky was dark. My arms, legs, hands, face all seemed fine. I couldn't find any trace of injury. Did I dream all this, while awake? I still can't say what happened to this day.

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Lake Shawnee in Princeton, the southern most town in West Virginia and my home, there's a haunted amusement park. Around 1783, Mitchell Clay who settled in the area with his wife Phoebe and family some eight years prior, went out hunting one day with some of his neighbors. When they returned two of his children were found slain by local Shawnee natives and another had been taken away. Mitchell and some other men gave pursuit, but the other child was not found and thought to be burned at the stake by the natives. This event became known as the Mitchell Clay Indian Massacre. The children were buried nearby at the Mitchell homestead close to the shores of what is now Lake Shawnee.
Surprisingly, on the very same location of the massacre, an amusement park was built in 1926. It was in operation for over 40 years. However, some horrible things happened in the park that was once the former killing ground and burial site. A young girl was swinging on the swings at the park one day and a truck came too close to her and as she swung backwards, she slammed into the vehicle and died right there on the spot. It is rumored that a man died in an accident on the Ferris wheel as well. Lake Shawnee itself, claimed a victim as well. A young boy was swimming in the lake and he was later found floating. He had drowned in the murky waters.
The amusement park still stands just outside of the city of Princeton, West Virginia( a town full of fear cause of the hauntings), on the shores of Lake Shawnee, although now abandoned and used mainly for ghost and history tours. The ground is heavily guarded and is open to the public only for special limited events. The dilapidated rides overgrown with weeds and plant life. The hauntings continue however, many by those simply driving by it. The mayor even reported once he was mowing a field there on the grounds and was startled to find the ghostly image of a young girl sitting on the fender of his tractor. He fled the scene never to return. The tractor, it is said, still sits in the spot where he left it and has become another feature of the overgrown landscape. Also on certain nights, the sounds of children can be heard in the long abandoned park, along the highway and up and down Lake Shawnee.
I can tell you, living here, very few locals take the road by the amusement park at night. Simply stop thru, and ask someone at night is it ok and most will warn you not to go in that direction at night, it's extremely spooky. A year here and I still get chills when my fiancé and I tease the local neighbors about going there, they look at us as if we are insane, and plead we don't. Needless to say, we both have been too scared to dare them lol.
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A Spooky Story Limerick:

There once was a witch from Nantucket
Who lived with a vampire named Puckett.
When a roll in the coffin
Left Puckett a coughin' -
She gave him a Vicks and said suck it.



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I would sometimes munch on cookies when working at the computer. Late one night, I decided to vacuum my keyboard to remove the crumbs and saw a tiny winged creature poke its head up from under one of the keys. Thought it was a bug so I swatted it. The creature grabbed a cookie crumb and ducked under the keys. Then I looked up at my laptop screen and couldn’t believe my eyes. The text being typed said, “DON’T DO THAT!”

Yiiii! Just as I was about to tear my laptop apart, more text started appearing on the screen.
“We Cornish Pixies love cookies. Feed us once a day or we’ll come out and tease, in a playful way.”

So now you know why I sometimes make typos. Each night before I go to bed, I have pesky, petulant pixies that need to be fed.
What’s living in your keyboard? Happy Halloween boys and ghouls. Muahahahahaha!
World of Jaims


When I awoke, I realized that I was on a black, metal floor. There were solid, black, and metal barred walls all around me. There was nothing but the darkness, cold, and silence beyond those walls. The chill in the air inside the door-less cell was like needles being constantly stabbed into my skin. The barred ceiling above me only bore the moon and the dull, dim, and lifeless light it offered. No light from the moon spilled outside and around the cell. It was as if the moon was shining accusingly down upon me.

My wrists were shackled in front of me with heavy chains, and my ankles had shackles that were just as heavy. I wasn’t sure how I had come to this place, and I just knew deep down that I would never be able to leave. The only object that was in this cell was a dark-chocolate-colored, wooden coffin. Slowly, I made my way over to the coffin, despite the fact that my arms and legs were so burdened. There were symbols etched into the coffin’s lid that I didn’t understand, but the words ‘Within I Await Atonement’ seemed clear enough.

I noticed that there were locks on the side of the coffin’s lid. I took a deep breath and wondered what I had done that was so wrong that I would be here. Without much thought or a word, I found myself opening the coffin lid. There were crimson-colored, silken linings on the inside as well as a single crimson-colored pillow. Something seemingly compelled me to step inside the coffin with my ankle shackles rattling across the wood. I couldn’t stop myself from lying down. The coffin lid slammed shut and locked tightly.

It was there in the darkness that I finally realized this was the inner part of my heart. It wasn’t the moon that had been accusing me. My own inner guilt for every wrong, personal sin, and crime had turned my heart into this nightmare. Locked away within myself, I fell into nothingness. Yet, I still longed to find an escape.



On Halloween night, after trick or treating, you fall asleep while eating some chocolate and working on the guild expedition.
Somehow the chocolate lands on your tablet and melts.
In the morning you awake to a royal mess.
Bits and pieces of your tablet are all over the place.
You start to clean the bits of plastic and shards of glass wondering what happened.
You stop your cleaning efforts and check the house, wondering what else is damages.
Finding nothing else wrong, no windows broken, no doors unlocked, you start to panic.
Is whatever destroyed your tablet still there?
You start checking everything, closets, bathrooms,
under furniture in cabinets and under beds.
you find nothing.
It's time to leave, but you feel unsettled.
never finding out what ate your tablet.


It is 3 am, there are soft footsteps coming up the stairs to your bedroom but there is no one else in the house. You jump up out of bed, run to the stairs no one is there. You run down to the front door but it is still bolted. You run to the door to the basement but it is locked from the inside. You run to the back door, still locked. There is no one or at no body



My family is gone
Murdered during
The darkness of dawn.

My family is gone
Due to winter’s claws.
They were merely life’s pawns.

My family is lost
Somewhere above the clouds
Due to winter’s frost.

My family is lost.
The price life puts on beauty
An impossible cost.

Gone in merely an hour.
Nature sheds her tears too late.
I am the final survivor.​


The Black Tower
You have decided that it is high time to visit your old friend Boss Bigpants in The Hammer. Upon arriving at the front gates you are greeted by the city guards who have been informed to escort you to the City Hall where you will be given the blue visitors garment to identify you as a "welcomed" visitor to the city. Unfortunately, at this time you are also informed by the Hall's clerk that Bigpants is actually away on business for several weeks. You decide to stay the night at the City Hall guest room and go back to your home in the morning, as it is much too late to travel now. So you head off to bed. Shortly after midnight you awake out of a bad dream sweating and shaking and with an uncontrollable urge to go to the city's Black Tower immediately. Stepping outside you can just make out the Tower in the distance, so you head out in that direction down a paved road and past the Rain Forest Project building. At the first corner the road turns right but you notice a cobbled sidewalk that looks to be headed the correct way. The sidewalk takes you between the AI center and the Inno tower and ends up at a T intersection. Here there is a wishing well, the entrance to one of the Emperor's Gardens, and the all-night kiosk where you pick up a lotto ticket for a big bag o gold. From here you can now clearly see the Black Tower so you turn left down the walkway and into a decision. You see that the way goes to the right or ahead to another right. Ahead appears less lit and therefore darker. Seems to you that maybe that would be the more likely way to go. At the second right corner you notice a scarecrow in a field of dead looking crops that seems to be staring at you. Creeped out, you avoid eye contact and carry on towards the tower down what has now turned into a pathway, and come across a small abandoned chapel and house. You are repelled by both and keep as far away as possible while walking by them. Then another haunted looking tower sits at a "dead end" before you. A wall prevents you from going further on, so you turn back and go the way you came while again staying as far away from these building as you can. Strange, the scarecrow is now standing in different crops, and in a different position, but the eyes still follow you and it seems to be smiling too. Now even further creeped out you find the other walkway leading towards your destination and follow it by the emperor's gardens and a terrace farm. You arrive at the tree of love in full bloom and marvel at the color. The entrance to the grand gate and pavilion are across from the tree and you decide to go in for a better look at the tower. At the far side of the bridge is your first look into the cavern where the Black Tower resides. It descends as far as you can see and up several levels. There are two statues at what looks like the entrance, but you can't access it from here so back to the tree and sidewalk. A little further on at the Queen's statue you notice an old overgrown trail that heads towards an old graveyard and the Tower. You head off that way but as soon as you step on the trail the tower suddenly disappears. Undaunted you carry on to the graveyard and see that the wall has conveniently crumbled to allow a way in. There are three buildings surrounded by old tombstones and decaying vegetation. Two of the buildings are sealed off with no entrances. You decide to walk behind them and have a look into the large sink hole where the tower used to be. You see blackness beyond the edge of the lip and nothing else,.. an intense feeling of despair grips you. With no other choices apparent you head to the other building. It has a large burnt black door and it's the only one of the three with no cross. You grasp the handle and pull. It... is... open. You step inside and the door behind you immediately vanishes from sight. You now find yourself in a huge, gigantic cavern. At the far side is a tiny light and at your feet is a broken cobbled path leading that way. A warning sign posted there reads, "DO NOT STEP OFF THE PATH". You heed that warning and proceed towards the distant light.
Finally reaching the other side there is a doorway where some light is showing through the cracks. You pull it and it... is... open. Before you now stand two white stained statues and the entrance to the again visible Black Tower. You look up at the statues and notice that they are both looking at you. Then one opens its mouth and talks. "Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, 'ere the other side he see.` "If you fail to do so you will be cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril where you will live forever in a void of nothingness." "Do you wish to proceed?" Being compelled and under some kind of otherworldly influence, you agree. The statue speaks again. "WHAT, is your name?" No problem there and you answer with ease. "WHAT, is your favorite color?" With your confidence growing you give another right answer. WHAT, is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Stumped for a few moments while your mind works out an answer, a thought pops into your head and you blurt it out. "________________________?
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