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  1. should we stop plundering ????

    True, Then again, in real-world we have nukes and air defense systems that would detect incoming missiles. The defender would have auto/semi auto-response to launch theirs. There would always be someone to monitor the system just in case. In this game, the defender doesn't have those systems...
  2. Game lag

    Also, it could be server issue. When aiding, the shield comes up spinning. As usual cleared cache and memory. Checked app manager, the game unusually used too much memory cache when running. I find this odd since it never happened before. Using HTML 5 version of the game.
  3. Proposal for Negotiations

    I did noticed Inno has started mandatory Negotiations as Daily Challenges. Out of 7 days 4 of them requires Negotiations. I would like to proposed this Negotiations to be purely optional. I would much rather Fighting X battles than negotiations. Has anyone noticed that lately?
  4. Stop the Plundering INNO !!!!!

    Plundering is part of the game. Collect on time is the best way to go.
  5. Remove impossible DC's (without spending diamonds)?

    Yeah, wait until you get a " finish 8 hour productions 36 times" quest. That's must be very painful to do in 24 hours timeframe. :eek:
  6. Spring Event 2018 Feedback

    I would agree, One small modification here for next spring is to make set Pieces as Grand prize instead of daily special. Earning X amount of lanterns to get the set pieces would been more worth it than wild draw. In this event you would still have to make 250 lanterns to get the Grand prize...
  7. Hood Changes

    Because of the Carnival Event the hood change freezes until after the event ends. March 19th is the next date of possible hood change. Event ends at March 12th. What's strange is the a week before the event, there were no hood changes and technically no hood changes for one month and 2 weeks total.
  8. Oceanic Future - Part 6 Feedback

    I am surprised that none of these new military buildings have a Attack/Defense bonus attached. If you look at Arctic Future Era building for example Dragon Drone have 7% attack bonus. But Gliders have none? Have anyone noticed that?
  9. WINTER 2017 Feedback

    Make that Dec 18th quest- Research a Tech OR Contribute 70 FP to Great Buildings, another speed bump would be Dec 31st quest- Research a Tech without any and/or options. I could get by Dec 18th but would forced me to age up by Dec 31st quest. :eek:

    No, Cascade will give you 7 refined goods from your era when built.
  11. Accept Bitcoin as a form of payment

    i would vote no. I find it very strange that according to Bitcoin converter to US dollar. One BitCoin equals to 5000 US dollars. The exchange is updated as of today and could change the next day. If the currency converter is correct then by using 5000 dollars can pretty much buy anything in...
  12. Oceanic Future- Part 3 Feedback

    I agree. I hope when the next OF part 4 comes up, Inno would release the next military unit that has hover tanks abilities. I have noticed that after AF, there are no flying military unit to counter OF's artillery military unit Turturrets.
  13. Marilyn Monroe Historical Questline Feedback

    If you have other multi-producing buildings such as Soccer field, Lulu, or Masquerade Ball. You can replace them with Rosarium since the building provides small space 3X4. It isnt bad for a small footprint.
  14. Inno: Please Consider Moving Deals To Friday

    I like the idea. Since this is a US server, it would be great if Inno tailor the sales applicable to Regional server.
  15. Summer Event 2017 Feedback

    That's why i rather wait until they offer 60 to 80 percent Diamond bonus on top the regular diamonds amount. Last month was a good deal :)