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Recent content by Farfle the smelly

  1. Farfle the smelly

    Running out of space

    Frankly I think a lot of your issues can be resolved by finding a good guild. They’ll have 1.9 thread so you can get a ton of medals through p4/5ing a high level Arc/AO/Krak, etc. They’ll also be more strategic about GBG, ergo more FPs to place on more Arcs, wherein you eventually have the...
  2. Farfle the smelly


    Are you sure they’re not hanging out in the market for a trade? The market takes them out of inventory automatically.
  3. Farfle the smelly

    [Question] GBS

    Thanks lady! Yep that’s the plan after the event. Previously it was a space issue, but that’s no longer the case after a recent Arc power levelling sessions (medals for daaaays). I may be able to get away with it without even moving up. We will see.
  4. Farfle the smelly

    Message deleted vs Trade no longer exists

    Both my cities trade threads now show the trade message ‘deleted’ instead of ‘no longer exists’. Was there an announcement I missed about this? It’s confusing the heck out of both my guilds. Thanks!
  5. Farfle the smelly

    Halloween Event 2020 Feedback

    Thanks doll. I’ll cross my fingers.
  6. Farfle the smelly

    Favorite Way to Level GBs

    Self level to 50+% and you’ll get sniped all over the place, quickly turning around that level. It’s actually my favorite way to level and I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe less work? I already love to snipe so I’m not hurting there. I do not like swap threads. I’m in Arc circles and that’s about...
  7. Farfle the smelly

    [Question] GBS

    So I’m probabky someone that you’d complain about. I’m in Iron, and have (in world 1) a LOA, Arc and Zeus. My other world has just the Zeus and Arc. I’ve chosen to camp for two reasons: 1) I want to come out swinging with my arc, so I’m devoting all my time to it. This allows me to snipe like...
  8. Farfle the smelly

    Halloween Event 2020 Feedback

    Will there BE a second shot for finishing the AA in this event? I’m a little nervous about that. I can’t recall if Beta brought it back later. Any testers out there want to confirm?
  9. Farfle the smelly

    The Habitat Remade In Minecraft

    I legit thought it was goin to be a car for some reason. I’m both disappointed and impressed.
  10. Farfle the smelly

    Guild Expedition Rewards Changes I'd be happy to see.

    This legit feels like a troll thread. Anybody else?
  11. Farfle the smelly

    Sniping Progress

    I leave for two months and THIS is what happens to one of my favorite thread topics? Can’t take you people anywhere.
  12. Farfle the smelly


    Can I share a secret? I’m camping in Iron because I think the EMA / HMA graphic design is both hideous and depressing and I’m absolutely dreading seeing it every day. I may have to spruce it up with decor just so I can get through those two eras. ((Shudder))
  13. Farfle the smelly

    Albert Hall and Tower of Alexandrea at same time?

    Never underestimate the power and convenience of a good guild. I think my guildies P5 spots have elevated my game more than any other factor.
  14. Farfle the smelly


    Why you so hangry at trees, yo? Also, reminder: decorations are in every single event questline, so...we really need those cheap trees.
  15. Farfle the smelly

    weird global chat

    So you very clearly DIDNT read the article. It was absolutely loaded with scientific evidence. This is a simple one that I think even you can understand. Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks Abhiteja Konda, Abhinav Prakash, Gregory A. Moss, Michael...