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Recent content by TroyEdward

  1. TroyEdward

    Contact Support Multiple Bugs in Mobile App Platform

    The number of bugs in the mobile app / iPad platform are growing and growing and seemingly no one cares to resolve as the HEAL ISSUE reported this week has been moved to the "not a bug/will not fix" Tab, and the NO RANKING on victorious battles that I reported in a Support Ticket back in...
  2. TroyEdward

    Feedback for update 1.199

    Mobile Bug on new update! Cannot access Event Log from town hall nor my profile from player Social Bar in D world on iPad App. Game closes when attempting either action. I have deleted and reinstalled the App twice and still get same issue.
  3. TroyEdward


    But shouldn't they get motivated BEFORE a Checkmate Square, or Botanical Rotunda; because they DO NOT?? I use Self-Aid Kits 9 out of 10 Collections on my Royal Bath House and Governors Mansions in order to get the UNITs -
  4. TroyEdward


    Well - I fail to understand why my Governor's Mansions and Royal Bathhouse are always last or even NEVER Motivated???? Not to mention the Winter train never gets motivated either. I think the Developers failed to add the newest buildings to the algorithm priority
  5. TroyEdward

    There is no player with this name.

    See Photo
  6. TroyEdward

    Contact Support Plunder is not working

    I have an open SUPPORT TICKET for this issue as well
  7. TroyEdward

    There is no player with this name.

    I am receiving the same message on PC/ Browser version & iPad App will not connect either
  8. TroyEdward

    Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    So in order to get the MAXIMUM benefit from these bakery SETS, you need to have at LEAST 3 x 3x5 adjoining spaces, AND build 3 Bakeries AND UPGRADE ALL 3 a total of 6 times? SO you need 3 Bakery and 18 upgrades? That's RIDICULOUS!
  9. TroyEdward

    Daily Challenges Feedback

    Just for the record, and it has likely already been brought up, but the REPEATED requirement to add current era or previous era goods to the treasury for those of us in Ocedanic Era is a ridiculous waste of resources! My treasury is bursting at the seams with excess and UNUSABLE Arctic and...
  10. TroyEdward

    Mobile App Army Management Crash

    With the latest update, attempts to open the Era/Age drop down within the Army Management Screen to change from All Units to a specific age causes the APP to close. I have attempted multiple times all with the same crash results. I have also completely deleted the APP and tried new installation...
  11. TroyEdward

    Neighborhood Merge Clarification?

    In this latest merge on D world, my neighborhood became a mess of players in 3 different eras. At least one third are WELL into Tomorrow, many are like myself in Contemporary, and there are a few in Post Modern. I was under the impression that this system was supposed to even the playing field...
  12. TroyEdward

    Mahatma Gandhi Questline Feedback

    Crappy prize, not planning on participating in or completing any of this event. News Flash- Higher level players (esp. at Oceanic) have little use for additional Happy, and absolutely NO USE for Supply boosts, and certainly no room in our cities to add this or that from the event quest line for...
  13. TroyEdward

    CHANGELOG 1.108

    There are two specials buildings that need to be added to Aid Priortization, the POLE HOUSE and the FISHING HUT. I continually and incesantly witness crap decoration getting AID priority over either of these buildings. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE
  14. TroyEdward

    No GE Reward Popup

    I just had the same issue on D and A Worlds. 2 Grey Relics on D and a GOLD Relic on A; however, none of mine created any observable notification back in my city (i.e. there were no excess forge points and no new additions / buildings in my inventory screen). So I can't be certain I got ANY reward.
  15. TroyEdward

    Fixed towers are not up

    PvP Towers in A World not accessible