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  • It would be great to see the new messages on top Without looking throw all the pages in the Social/ Message Center DEVELOPERS
    Is there a way to know if someone has been inactive for more than 7 days and if so how do you do that? I am in a guild that has 6 members that show inactive for at lest 7 days and 1 of those is the owner/founder. I have not been able to contact any of the 6.
    Elisha Reb
    I am already a founder but I don't want to kick another one jst because he has missed a little time.
    I believe that you can see a person's last activity or last login on the wiki site or one of those other sites. I cant actually post those links but I'm sure that someone who sees this post will direct you to where you can find the answer to your question.
    However, After 30 days of inactivity from all Founders, the system will assign another player into Founder status.
    That's why there always looking for help
    They have way to much rules they must follow
    not worth the effort that they are offering in return
    Last Active more then 7 days ago
    How Do we know how long the founder is inactive LMAO give us the real number
    Great game some times just got to post what u feel.
    Stephen Longshanks
    Yes, great game. Sometimes just got to delete what u post. ;)
    I'm hurt
    I give feed-back
    I try helping others no negative comments towards others
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