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Recent content by Nikolaos

  1. GbG Farming and alliances. Would this help deter it?

    What if they were to not count the points from sectors that had a siege on it that is more than 90% completed at the top of the hour?
  2. Archaeology 2020 Feedback

    I don't recall them not running a highly sought after item on live that was in beta. I know of a ton of people that have been saving all of their scrolls for it. It will be very disappointing if they don't run the checkmate.
  3. Forge of Empires Turns 8 - Feedback

    I have been playing for 7 of those years. I remember when supplies spoiled if you did not collect in time. Little fish skeletons. :-) Also, when you actually had to enter a city to aid them! Oh so glad we don't have to do that anymore.
  4. MMR values after season 4

    How are you doing this? Where are you getting the numbers to calculate?
  5. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Yeah.. did not think about that.
  6. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Anyone know why don't they keep track of a guilds record in GbG like they do in GE?

    Look in GBs you know they contributed to in the past. They will still be there with (Deleted) next to their name.
  8. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Thank you. Hopefully it is a significant amount.
  9. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Battlegrounds is supposed to affect guild ranking from what I have read. I have not been able to find out exactly how much and when. Is it after the completion of an entire round of Battlegrounds? I see the crown reward you get after completion. Don't see anything about prestige.
  10. Once, just once (plunders)

    Definitely not complaining, but I also don't plunder.. much. I have to be provoked into it. :-) I do get plundered like everyone else, but I know it is part of the game. That is why I never went past LMA in any of my cities without having my attack boost GBs at 10. Most of the time I can exact...
  11. Once, just once (plunders)

    I apologize, I was not clear. I am not talking permanent. Just for one two week period. Having all the big shots of an age together to have it out on each other. As I said, It was just an idea. I am not planning on proposing anything. Just wondering what others thought about something like that.
  12. Once, just once (plunders)

    I am sure they could keep the hoods the same age. I just had this idea, didn't really think about the specifics.
  13. Once, just once (plunders)

    They keep track of how many times you have plunder for the Achievement Badges. I know nothing about programming whether or not they could use those numbers or not to do a hood shuffle. If were based on the number of hood fights, not sure if they can differentiate between a hood fight and GE or...
  14. Once, just once (plunders)

    I would like them to do a hood shuffle and group the top plunder, or hood fighters, together. :-) Hey! They could make an event out of it somehow.
  15. Guild vs Guild Improvements Feedback

    Is this something they can or have tested in beta?