Get your first two great buildings in less than a month

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    Actually, think of the Oracle as the GB with training wheels. It's part of the tutorial so you can build it to understand how a GB works and give it a try yourself. All of BA is a tutorial age. Why the sudden attraction to now camp there I'll never know. There's nothing you can get out of BA that you can't get twice as much of in IA.

    Despite the addition of the Oracle, this guide is not outdated. Follow the guide to get out of BA quickly, get into IA quickly, go guild surfing for BPs and coins, then build your first two (real) GBs as quickly as possible. IMO, there's no reason to camp in BA. None.
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    It's not 'sudden'. And there are reasons to camp bronze age for a little bit - there's just a lot more reasons now than there used to be to get out of it sooner rather than later. I used to do about two weeks in bronze age at least because it's the easiest age to hit hundreds of quests a day without a chateau (using slinger loops). The idea was usually to build up a big store of FP packs and use them to skip ahead through the ages efficiently while having some already levelled GBs. I was planning one day to do the level 10 Zeus+Babel before i left bronze age some world but then they added a lot of stuff.

    For me what changed that was expedition - now i tend to move to iron age the first monday of a new world. Daily challenge is also a strong encouragement that cuts the gap in FP production despite the initial quest count drop going from bronze to iron age.
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    IMO, 2 weeks in Bronze Age to do as you're saying is not camping. The thing I like about Glurg's guide is it sets specific goals. Then once those goals are met you age up. That's not camping, you're never even in park.

    What I'm talking about are those who want to stay in BA for months then come here to complain that the latest Event has them stopped up because they have no goods to donate to a guild and no guild to donate to. I know players who refuse to leave BA until they have several thousand of each BA good stored up to trade for upper age goods later in the game. I keep telling them, to age up, trade down.
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